Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

We had onion snow on April Fool's Day (no kidding).  But I'm not complaining since it was in the 60s (F) yesterday and the crocuses have begun to bloom.

I know I've been lax about blogging but I have been busy with family and home and sewing.  Hopefully things will begin to settle down more--although I doubt it.  In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday and happy sewing!


Sandra :) said...

I had to look up onion snow - I'd never heard of it!

onion snow

noun, Chiefly Pennsylvania.
1. a snowfall in late spring; the last snow of the season. Unabridged

We haven't had our (last) onion snow yet, as the forecast calls for snow on and off this coming week - the temps will be above freezing during the days so I doubt any of it will stick. Spring is trying, but winter hasn't quite let go, LOL!

Happy Easter! We'll be seeing hubby's entire family on Sunday for one of their 2 annual BIG family get-togethers - oh MY the food that will be served - I'm already starting to drool, knowing what's coming! The host family uses a caterer for parts of the meal, and they always get The. Most. Delicious. Roast. Beef. that I've ever had!

Allie said...

I've never heard of onion snow, lol!!! We finally have tiny leaves on the maple tree, but nothing anywhere else. Happy Resurrection DAy to you Mickie!