Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Disappearing 9 patch quilt: finished

Years ago, I did a "Finish the UFOs" year.  This year, I'm more interested in a stash busting year.  I think it will be a year of both actually but for now, I'll just clock in a finish.
Here is a Disappearing 9 patch I started to put together last year.  I had thought that my son and his wife would like it but he didn't like the aqua and I don't think she liked the brown and the gold (yes, it was my attempt at a compromise).  I was thinking this would make a great picnic quilt, PS, that isn't pink in the quilt, its just how the pattern comes off in this quilt.  It is burgundy, aqua, brown and gold.
My husband said: "That quilt is too nice be used for a picnic quilt."  So we nixed that and I'm working on (still another) picnic quilt for the happy couple.  This quilt is going to be given to my brother and sister in law next autumn.  Turns out, the colors are perfect for them, their family room is that gold color and the other colors should be fine in the room.  We spend a lot of time with them and are trying to support them as much as we can.  My sister-in-law was diagnosed with early onset dementia three years ago and it's difficult for both her and my brother-in-law.  She just turned 60 two weeks ago.

I hope this quilt will provide them with some comfort.  It's the first time I've had a piece professionally machine quilted and I like it a lot (it will help with the stash busting).  Here is the back of the quilt:
I wanted paisley because it coordinates with one of the fabrics:
I like the disappearing 9 patch because it provides a random look with a fairly easy technique. Years ago, I did a quilt using the Wonder Block Method for my niece Christina.  You can see it here.  The disappearing 9 patch was easier and I liked that you could showcase the fabric in the bigger blocks I used.  I have one more disappearing 9 patch in the wings that used up Christmas leftovers and I should start binding that later this week.  About two quilts per method is all I can tolerate but I did enjoy this technique.
Our program yesterday was cancelled due to tornado warnings throughout the state.  It was a relief to be safe and at home during the storms we had last night.  Hope you are all well and doing fine.  Have a great day!


Sandra :) said...

We had hail today along with strong winds, but nowhere near tornado level - YIKES!

Great D9P quilt - that's one of my favourite blocks! I agree that the quilt is too pretty/nice to be used for a picnic quilt, but it will be much appreciated and loved by your brother- and sister-in-law. So sad about her illness - that's awfully young for such a horrible disease to strike :(

Allie said...

That's a beautiful quilt! I made a bunch of those one year, that was enough for me, lol....I'm glad it'll get used, I just love the quilting. That's so sad about your sil!!!

Glad you're safe through the storms - we haven't had any real threats yet this year.