Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Day of Spring

Okay so it wasn't exactly the first day of Spring we were expecting.  This was early in the storm, which gave us a good 6 inches or more of snow.  Seamus and I had gotten up early to walk before the storm hit but he still sulked all day...
"Make it stop!!!"  
Oh how I wish I could have :) At least I am sewing again.  February is the month of funk for me but when the days get longer, I perk up again.  Yesterday I cut strips for a new quilt and finished up some other blocks, also got some embroidery in.  I don't know about you but I can only embroider in the daylight anymore.  Even an ottlight doesn't help me at night with my sewing.  
And by the way, I DID get the featherweight sewing machine and I can't express how much I LOVE this machine!!!
It's easy to store on the first floor and sew while Seamus keeps me company.  When my husband is home, I'm back in the sewing room but when he isn't I can work downstairs and my puppy doesn't have to cry at the bottom of the steps.  Seamus doesn't do steps and now that he is older, he has some arthritis along his spine and he doesn't even want to try steps anymore.  This has made everyone happy and it sews like a dream!!!
Well have a wonderful day!  I hope to get more blogging in now that the weather (*knock wood*) is going to warm up.  Take care and be well!


Allie said...

Yikes - I saw the snowstorm that hit the eastern section of the country, and was very glad it didn't hit us, although it was super cold here! I'm SO GLAD you love your FW - I'm sure Seamus is happy about it too, lol!! I do have trouble embroidering at night too, but I have a small LED light that is like a spotlight that helps. Brighter than an OTT light. My main trouble is that I have to take off my bifocals, and hold my work up to my nose to see. Makes for a sore neck, but I can't stop! Stay warm, hon!

Sandra :) said...

Happy spring - YAY!! Our first day of spring was warmish (it was above freezing - WOW! LOL!) but then it snowed the next day and got pretty cold. Mother Nature isn't done toying with us yet - at least she's sending lots of sunshine, and that helps a LOT!

LOL @ Seamus sulking - give him a kiss from Auntie Sandra and tell him that the worst of it is over, and that there are lovely days to come :D

Love the FW - I don't have one, but everyone that does, is in love with it, so have fun with it!