Friday, April 24, 2015

Renningers Extravaganaza this weekend!

Hubby has poodle duty today while I head out to Renninger's Extravaganza.  Renningers is one of the many flea markets in our region and the Extravaganza is when they have a ton of dealers come in for a few days.  I got this pretty spool girl there from my friends Sharon and Bill.
Today I'm not really going to shop but to help Sharon and Bill for a few hours.  Of course, I will have to take a sneak peak around because you never know what you might find.
I'll post more probably on Sunday.  I'm hoping to spend some time cleaning out my garden next week.  I'm sorry to say that I drove out of the valley and encountered snow falling yesterday in Palmerton.  I'm trying to just focus on positive things; at least my flowers are blooming much longer in the cold than they would have had it been hot.   It pains me that I had to put the heat back on this week :(  Anyway, concentrate on the positive--things are blooming!

Think Spring and have a great day!


Sandra :) said...

I think we only had the heat off for a day or two, plus an occasional afternoon here and there :D One time I turned it off and forgot to turn it on - hubby had to shower in the morning in a 62F house - LOL! We had snow on and off today and it was pretty chilly - the snow didn't stick and the weatherman says things will start to turn around tomorrow :D We shall see!

Hope you had fun at the flea market - did you buy anything? :D

Allie said...

Oh look at your pretty treasures! I love the poodles, and that little sewing machine - so cute!

I'm so ready for snow to be done, and it sounds like this week things will finally turn around. We'll see - I'm sick of the heat being on, lol. Cute stitcheries!