Sunday, April 26, 2015

2 more for the collection...

It was inevitable.  I can't possibly go to a flea market and not look around.   No, I don't need anymore quilts for my collection but sometimes you get such a great deal.  This quilt is perfect for my embroidery program and another one I am working on so it was a no-brainer as far as picking it up.  It is chock full of 1940s-50s prints:
And it is bordered with this fun fabric...the color scheme which modern quilters would love:
 This one I just couldn't pass up because it was such a good deal.  Very inexpensive.  And it is a comfort--and inside there is another quilt.  I am not sure I want to pull the top off yet but I'm having fun admiring it.  The colors are off because I took this with my cell phone but it is from the 1890s.
I'll be sewing this week and hope to have some new photos posted sooner or later.  If I could just get tops done, it would be very helpful.  Hope your weather is better than ours.  At least it's not snowing here.  Have a great day!


Sandra :) said...

Pretty quilts - it seems you had a good time ... not to mention, a productive one! A quilt in a quilt just fascinates me - talk about the pioneer spirit of using what you have - it's fantastic :D

Our weather is perfect except for the temperature - it hasn't warmed up much! I don't see any snow in the 14 day forecast, and temps will be hovering a bit below normal. We can get snow in May so this is pretty normal :D Warmer temps WILL come (then we'll be complaining that it's too warm, lol) :D

LA Paylor said...

wowie Mickie What a find!! And can that be a cow I spy??
Hi Seamus

Allie said...

WOW Mickie!!!! Those are both gorgeous - you cannot pass them by, they need a home where they'll be appreciated. But now I'm dying to know what the other quilt looks you have others like that?