Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy, busy, busy!

Life is busy these days!  April, May and June are usually three of my busiest months for lectures and this year is no different.  Fortunately, my husband has been home while I've been traveling so Seamus has had company while I've been away.  When I have been home, I've been working in the garden.  

This was not an easy task because I have seasonal allergies in the spring.  This year I just bit the bullet and got it done this week.  I was tired of the winter mess.  I'll post more photos of the garden after Tuesday.  
This weekend my son came home and helped me mulch the front yard.  We had a great time and my husband cooked dinner for Mom and I on Saturday.  It was a sweet weekend and I hope you all had a great time as well!  Happy Belated Mother's Day!


Allie said...

Looks like you're taking time to smell the flowers, anyway, good for you - they are lovely. I seem to be having allergy problems myself, never did before but the last few years have been troublesome. Do you take anything for it?

Sandra :) said...

I love the colour of those tulips - so rich and pretty :) No seasonal allergies here, but DS1 suffers in the fall - I feel bad for him!