Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ufo updates

Despite my efforts, I only have one UFO completed for the month of February.  I'm still assembling this top--I do hope to have it done by the end of the week (at least the top).

 I did find a UFO that wasn't on my list but that I could finish quickly this month.  It is a miniature version of this top which I hope to get at least basted this month:

Often I make a miniaturized version of bigger tops with leftover scraps so here is the mini scrap quilt that I did complete.  I embellished the baskets with little doo-dads I found in my stash. Sorry the photo is so bad but I think my camera battery needs to be replaced:
Have a great weekend and stay warm (it's pretty cold here in Northeast Pennsylvania)!


Wonky Girl said...

You have some really nice UFO's to finish ;-)
The baskets are cute. Do get the battery replaced so we may see what you are working on and what gets finished. LOL

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Great job getting to the UFO's!The baskets are adorable.

Sandra :) said...

The basket quilts are lovely - you could add some yoyos to the baskets for flowers :D

I only got one finished in February as well - and I think I got it done on the second last day of the month - that was cutting it close, lol. Will only get one done in March as well, but it's well underway, and I'll be happy to cross it off the UFO Apocalypse list :D That reminds me - I need to photograph it so I can blog it and cross it off the list - I washed it after I finished it and it's still hanging on my stair rail - out of reach of Zoomer, who thinks all quilts are CAT quilts, lol!