Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fun filled weekend!

Now THERE'S a post title I rarely use! :)  This weekend is the best in a long time!  Last night, we kicked it off by seeing Cesar Millan at the State Theatre in Easton PA.  My friend Lori took me as her guest (THANKS AGAIN LORI!)!!!  Cesar is the best!  He was wonderful and did a good 2 plus hour show :)
Today, Sandra (that's right our Sandra) is going to be in town for a one night only fun evening.  We are going to go to Joann's for some shopping, Farmer's Market if it is still open, and then her and her husband Dennis are coming for dinner.  I'm making beef bourguignon and will pop some chocolate chip cookies in the oven too :)  
What a great weekend!  Plus the weather is lovely!  I already spent some time this morning cleaning up the garden and will do more tomorrow when it is nearly 60 degrees!  Whooo hooo! :)
Hope you have a great weekend! :)

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Sandra :) said...

Love ya!! Thanks for a wonderful evening - the dinner was spectacular (don't tell anybody I had two bowls while everybody else only had 1, lol) and the cookies were YUMMY - it took everything in my power to only have 4 (ok, I think it was 5) :) The boys were on their best behaviour, and the quilts and quilt stories - priceless! Thank you for the goodies too --- I've already told Heather that there's something coming her way, lol. THANKS AGAIN ... and now it's bedtime -.-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D