Sunday, February 24, 2013

23 days until Spring!

I admit it, I am yearning for Spring at this point.  The few weeks I've not been able to walk the dogs (either weather or illness) has got me singing the winter blues.  Today is beautiful though so we walked down to the park.  The ice is melting off the pond..

And the willows are yellow with fresh spring buds!  Maybe the groundhog was right and we will have an early spring after all....

 In other things, I've pulled these extra blocks to finish another UFO.  I found this asian fabric with black, red, and orange at our local store and am playing with ideas on how to assemble the quilt.  I had a few votes for this look:

A few for the addition of a black border around the new asian inspired fabric:

But last night I played with putting four of the blocks together, assembling it on point and completing it (possibly) with  grey sashing.  I think this is my favorite idea so far.  Well I'm off to the sewing room to mull these options over while I machine quilt a mini-quilt.  What do you think?


Sandra :) said...

You don't have any snow??!??!? What is this treachery in PA???!! :D We have lots - I can send you some :) Dennis and I just got back from doing some running around in town - it's GLORIOUS out there - sunny and +3C --- just magnificent! All it takes to lift the winter blah's is for the thermometer to get above 0 --- it makes such a difference - LOVE IT!

Wonky Girl said...

We sure wish there were some hints of spring around here. Mesquite trees/bushes are still looking so scraggly bare.
I like your last arrangement with four blocks on point ;-)