Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where oh where is Springtime?

Three days til Spring and it's been snowing for 2.5 hours already. I know it could be worse (freezing on contact and accumulating more) but I am yearning YEARNING for Spring and working in the garden.  Guess I'll have to just sew today and look at photos of better times:
Hope your day is warm and happy!


Wonky Girl said...

Oh my, you are having some cold weather! Guess I should not tell ya that it is nice and warm here. Had the front and back slider doors open the past few days.
Wow, I am jealous you saw C.Millan live! Saw bits of his live show on a tv documentary. He started out rough here, living under a freeway overpass. Who knew!

Sandra :) said...

A few days ago I emailed the kids and asked them to send me a photo of the weather outside our front door. One of them did so. I DO NOT WANT TO GO HOME! It snowed ... and got really cold, LOL. Sure it's March and we can actually still get snow in May, but being down here where it's fairly warm, does not make me long for the cold white heavy stuff, lol. Miss the kids, miss the cat, miss my own bed, but DO NOT MISS THE COLD!