Monday, March 4, 2013

Pam's Garden

Today I went to Pam's to help her set up her own blog.  In the upcoming year, she and her husband are retiring to North Carolina and we want a good way to communicate each day.  She is very creative:  a painter, quilter, gardener, embroiderer and crafter and I'm sure her blog will be wonderful.  Already, she posted on her own!  Way to go girl!  If you want to visit her, just hit this: Pam's GardenI know she would appreciate having some of us visit her :)

While hanging out, she helped me with my Noah's Ark quilt.  I finally finished the embroidery last night and wasn't sure what to do with this.  We figured a wall hanging would be okay and Pam helped me pick the fabrics (thanks Pam!):
Anyway, that is all I have here today.  I'm hoping to get more done tomorrow and Wednesday, especially if it snows (yes I'm actually hoping for snow).
Have a great day!

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Sandra :) said...

I visited, and put her on my blog reader so I won't miss any posts :)

Noah's Ark is so cute - it'll make an adorable wallhanging! UFO busting is AWESOME! Well, I've only busted 2 so far, but that's ... 13%?!! I'll take it, lol!