Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Very Full Day

It's been a very full day here at 3P & N! Because Brad was home and babysitting Paddie, I could work outside a bit. So I FINALLY got some grass seed down, and surrounded it with some small fencing to keep the dogs out.
And of course, I went to K-mart for some back-up to deter the dogs in the grass and some of the craziness they have been doing lately. K-mart was having a sale.... so I got me a super soaker. I don't' even have to use it, the dogs learned in 1 minute; they don't like to be squirted with the hose or anything else. So there is a new sheriff in the garden now.

I also got the sod up from the edge of the garden and Brad put the stone down.

He also moved the bench for me. Okay, it may look out of proportion with the sapling but gardening is all about seeing the possibilities....some day we will be glad that bench is there under our shady tree.
Also went to my favorite flea market to take some flyers for our quilt study group. Got one good bargain there! This sunbonnet (sorta) child's quilt. I collect sunbonnet sue patterns and I didn't have this one. I wondered if it was a kit quilt but I am doubting it now that I got it home. I still need to look it up in the big book of SBS patterns...
The arms are a bit off but I love the pattern and the details, like the curls on the girl......
The girl dragging the boy :)
Not sure what he is holding, maybe a bubble blower? Lolly? magnifying glass? Each figure has tiny buttons on it, you can see them on this one..
This is the unusual part, this quilt has pink binding and was made for a boy. It's been a very satisfying day. Brad made dinner for us and I am going to relax ...

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Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

That is a beautiful quilt.

I just read your post about the Dog Yeared quilt. It is just too cute! Good luck with quilting.

-Mollie and Bobo