Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going to the dogs.....

We love our dogs. That is all there is to it. So when we spend a small fortune on keeping them healthy, it is worth it. This month was a triple whammy month with one procedure for Paddie, Teddy's hip pain surfacing (he was born with hip problems), and another major surgery for Paddie.

Paddie appears to be recovering from her bladder surgery. She only gets me up once a night now (in comparison to every two hours). I am looking forward to her follow-up appointment next week. Paddie's wound is still seeping a bit and she has to be monitored all the time to make sure she isn't picking at her staples (although she has been AMAZING about that so far).

There is always something to be grateful for and for the 10-14 days she is infirmed, I am grateful that I can't really go anywhere or do much in the garden. I'M TIRED! My knee and hands ache from all the garden work I've done and I can use this break. Because I knew I would have to be in the house with her, I had Brad bring my sewing machine down. It looks good on this old singer sewing table that my friend Linda gave me, doesn't it?
Before Brad fell, I used to begin my Christmas present sewing in May. I've learned to start earlier, mostly because I never know what to expect and once the garden is open, the yard sales and auctions are in swing, I might not get much done in the summer. So I am glad for this time to catch up on some projects. Like the dogs---24 of em (two sets) I am making using Ami Simms "Dog Yeared" pattern. I love this pattern, it is VERY forgiving for me (I'm not the greatest quilter, I just enjoy doing it) and easy to embellish it and personalize the dogs.

Over the weekend, I got the machine applique stitching done (they have been fused for months!!). Now I just need to decide. Do I want to do one big quilt or make them individual wall hangings?

The reason I am debating this is because this is our present is for Brad's brother and his wife who have two labs. One lab--Jay--is just fine and dandy, typical lab. The other, Hank, makes Marley look like a saint. Not sure how to describe him other than the numerous eyeglasses he has eaten, the deer head he dragged home (imagine how mad that hunter is!!!), or when he got his head stuck in the closet kitty door trying to eat the litter box findings (ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I tell you all this because I am worried about making just a quilt because what if Hank smells our dogs on it and well, that could be bad. So I am thinking of doing individual wall hangings for each month for them. Here are the blocks so far:
I also (finally) got moving on Anne Sutton's bunny hill BOM. Iam debating these too, should I do individual wall hangings for Nana's nursing home room or make her one nice quilt? I love Anne's quilt patterns and bought a bunch of them lately to make the baby's quilt. Also fused an bib for the little one coming in November....
Finally I got the ladybugs machine appliqued! I have to embroider the antennas on them this week and add a yo-yo to the center of the yellow tulip block. This will be a quilt for sure, although just a lap one. I just love the ladybug fabric and made the patterns a variation from the Piece O'cake book I have.
Well I am off to finishe cleaning up the house! Have a great day!


Sandra :) said...

Prisoner Spice!! Your projects look great, and I'm glad Paddie is doing well in her recovery - Zoomer and I send her some kisses 'n tickles :) My treadle is in the same cabinet as yours - aren't they a gorgeous piece of furniture? Elegant old ladies they are! Have a great day, my friend! I'm off to the studio to sew ... I don't know what, but I'll find something to work on :D

Wonky Girl said...

So glad to read Paddie is getting well. I hear you about vet care these days... expensive like people medicine now. We have recently spent big $$ on our two older SP's, but like you said, we love them like family.
I enjoy checking your bog, I quilt at home with my five standards and one mini-poo. We also have a big foster poo girl now. Yup, they keep me busy LOL. No time to blog myself, oh well.