Sunday, July 19, 2009


Calamity Kim is having a giveaway on her blog and her question got me to writing. What inspires you? I was actually thinking about this before I got to Kim's blog this morning. My favorite blogs list has become huge and I am always adding to it (about the only reason I take blogs off the list is because the owner stops posting). I love the family blogs; I love the kid-friendly blogs and the puppy friendly blogs; But I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read the blogs of you young crafters!
The young crafters are playing with different fabrics and colors--many which you can't find in the fabric stores--and they fascinate me with their ingenuity. Can't find the fabric they need? The design their own (check out spoonflower someday). I think it is easy to say that they are bringing back fabrics similar to the 1960s but they take them to new places, and couple them together in interesting ways. These young quilters, seamstresses, and crafter incorporate a variety of cultures and eras in their designs and make them work. They fascinate me.
Yes I love old quilts; I collect old quilts. These old beauties spark my passion and more than anything have made me more forgiving about my own work ( liberating to be sure). I love the history and the mysteries they convey. But I also love the new quilts. They make me excited for the future of quilting and sewing. They push me out of my comfort zone and make the quilting magazines appear outdated (which I think they know because I've been surveyed lately, I tell em to check out the quilt blogs).
So thanks you young uns' and keep up the good work :) Our craft needs you!

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DoreyR said...

My thoughts exactly! Thanks for writing this. I had lost my quilting mojo a while ago. Surfing the new crafters blogs helped me get it back, for all the reasons you cite here. You are so right that the magazines look dated. We can respect traditions while moving forward.