Thursday, October 5, 2017

"I Like" Thursdays, October 5 2017

LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color instituted this day of positive energy.  Please join her and the others sharing happiness on the internet!
It's baking season!
There's finally enough nip in the air to heat up the ol' oven and get baking!

The temperature has been fluctuating and we've gotten a nice second bloom from some plants.  It would help if we got rain but at least we have no watering restrictions!  Speaking of gardening, I was cleaning up some leaves and found this large European Hornet dead on a stepping stone.  Isn't it amazing?  I like learning and enjoyed reading about it! The thing was huge!  I probably would have thought it was a dragon fly if he had buzzed by.
I continue to try to reduce the number of scraps in my stash, apparently to no avail.  I like how other quilters have been agreeing with me on this matter.  Why do you end up seeming to have more scraps than when you started?  It's like a magic fairy tale where the drawers never dwindle of fabric.  Or maybe it is like a Star Trek episode, "the trouble with tribbles" comes to mind.

So this week I used the Missouri Star Company's "Two Step" quilt pattern.  It was super easy and I think I am going to use that pattern for a Christmas quilt as well.
This was fabric from three different quilts that I made for teenaged girls.  The fabrics went well together but even though this is a nice sized quilt, I have this many strips left:
Drawer still looks full, doesn't it?  So I am going to make 4, 9 or 12 patches (or a variation) until the drawer is empty.  I'd rather have blocks to store than strips at this point and I'm sure I have something in my stash (black or white) to use with the patches.  Another top is WAY more preferable at this point!
Yesterday we had an unexpected visitor, my 84 year old aunt decided to stop by early in the morning.  She is the sister of my Dad and the only relative I have left in that family that is of an older generation.  I'd like to age like her.  She is always busy and hasn't left anything (including cancer, loss of loved ones, limited funds)  stop her from what she feels compelled to do.  She lives for her grandson and the church and is always on the go!
I hope you have a week full of blessings and positive energy!  Have a great day!


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele,
I love that it is cool enough to bake! I really enjoy baking, and it is especially nice before you turn on the furnace for the season that it warms up the house a bit. What a cute redwork picture! Oh the scrap bin - it never gets empty. Even though you used a bunch, the leftovers take up as much room as the larger strips. A never ending battle, but a fun one. How sweet that your aunt stopped over! My parents were both the oldest in their families - each had 8 siblings and I only have a few aunts left. Today is my first post in joining the like fun - I love this whole idea. ~smile~ Roseanne

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Such a pretty two step quilt. And you are so right about the reproducing that seems to take place in scrap bins! Being a redwork addict, I loved seeing that little motif.
Scout is endlessly amusing, isn't she. If only people could be as sweet as our pet dogs, heh.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Hi! I'm so anxious for cooler weather that you are experiencing. Your little baker is so sweet. I made the two step quilt and agree with you on "multiplying" scraps. I've made at least 5 quilts to clear up the scraps and still have too many! Have a great week. mary

PaintedThread said...

That is a huge hornet! Baking season. I can't wait to get the oven fired up more often. :-) I like your scrappy quilt, too.

Shannon said...

I'm with you on baking! I'm trying to avoid starting because I love eating backed goods so much, but its so very tempting. And I love seeing your aunt there with the pup, It makes me miss my grandparents who I'll get to see at Thanksgiving. I'm sure it'll be here sooner than I think!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You always seem to find the best ideas for scrappy quilts! Like everyone else, I have exploding scrap bins, too, and I think the more you dig around in them, the more air gets in and fluffs all those scraps up! :)I scrolled down to your post about Scout at 7 months and really enjoyed that one, too. She is such a beautiful (and very enteetaining!) dog!