Thursday, January 26, 2017

I like Thursdays #13!!!

I like that I am back online and that the computer is fixed!!!

My puter broke around the time I was posting the "I like Thursday #12" .

What is "I like Thursdays?"  It's a shot of positive energy that our friend LeeAnna created during these uncertain times.  You can find more likes by going to her website here.  

#2.  I liked watching the women's march on Saturday.  I found it inspiring to see so many people gathered in a truly peaceful manner.  When the tv channels showed photographs from the air, the crowd was absolutely PURPLE because the pink clothes the women wore softened the view.

#3.  I like this Christmas tree bag.  I got one last night and hope to use it to store some extra quilts that I've been making.  IT HAS WHEELS!  So I can take it in and out of the attic closet easily!!  I like finding things that are odd to organize things.  I continue to be on a roll with completing quilts and just need a temporary place to put them until they go to their recipients.  This bag is perfect!!!  
#4.  And speaking of sewing,  "Thimble Pads" have been saving my fingers at night.  I hate using thimbles anymore and these protect my fingers really well.  I highly recommend them. 
#5.  Last but not least is the spring like weather that has blessed us lately.  The cold is returning tomorrow but last night when my friend and I were shopping, it felt absolutely like April!!!   It beats the heck out of this time last year when we had this:  

Well that is all the positive energy I can muster this week.    Have a great day!


Allie-oops Designs said...

Yay for working computers, lol!! I use those thimble pads ALL the time - I hate regular thimbles and these things are amazing!

LA Paylor said...

welcome back!
Loved the women's march that included men and children as well.

We must be vigilant in protecting American freedoms

Sandra :) said...

These are troubling times - it's depressing watching the news at night, but it seems that for every bad thing that's happening, there are scores of people who speak up and fight against it. I refuse to believe that evil is going to triumph - it just can't happen. Scary.

Glad your computer is fixed - it's awful to be without - YIKES! A cellphone just isn't the same - I don't know how people can live on those things - the screens are so small, and the keys - yikes my old fingers just can't handle it :D I have styluses (stylii? LOL) everywhere so I can use them instead of trying to battle tiny keyboards with my arthritic fingers :D