Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A finish and a start

I'm doing the All People Quilt 2017 UFO Challenge (you can find it here).  This month I hope to finish the binding on two quilts and I am happy to report that I finished this piece last night.  Now I have to complete a bigger poppy quilt.

I've been going to some flea markets and finding a few treasures.  Today I am going to work on this piece of embroidery I found on Saturday.  The piece was a kit offered in the 1970s by Erica Wilson and features Chessie, the Railroad Kitten--the mascot of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.  The image of the cat was originally created by Guido Gruenwald (1881-1935) and adopted by the railroad in a 1933 ad.  
The ad created a sensation and "Chessie" became the companies mascot.  The piece I found was complete but loose.  It isn't enough that I have my own UFOs, I feel compelled to take on others as well :D  
I'm going to make a pillow for Peter and Jessica and found an asian inspired print that I think they will like (Jessica was just in Japan this last fall).  
I'll keep it simple because I want to be able to give it this weekend when I see the kids.  Here in Pennsylvania, it's been wet and cold weather but that just means--perfect sewing weather and we DO need the rain. 

Have a wonderful day!

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claudia said...

That is so cute!