Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Like Thursdays #11

Check out all the likes and inspiration!  Head on over to LeeAnna's to link up!!!  This week's likes:

1. Homerun:   During the last "I like Thursdays," I discussed Hasbro's Joy for All robotic cat that we purchased for my sister-in-law.  She has early onset dementia and this product was developed for Alzheimers and Dementia patients.  I can't say enough for this product.  Our Di went from being withdrawn and silent to laughing and engaging with "kitty."  My husband said, "You hit the ball out of the park."  We can't believe the change it created in her.  If you have a family member dealing with either of these tragic diseases I suggest you try this.  You can order it directly from Hasbro.
2.  I've been frequently running away from home.  We've been visiting family and I've gone to a lot of flea markets.  I was happy to pick up some overall boys.  I love this one with the pig.  You can tell the maker created her own pattern (check out the penciled lines of the arms).  
And I love this one with the ducks:

The style of these ducks remind of a pull-toy produced by Fisher-Price

3.  I picked up some embroidery blocks that were unfinished.  They are too worn/dirty/stained to embroider but I liked the motifs.  I can scan them and copy them onto fabric with my lightbox.  I'll be sharing these with you so here is the first one...You'll have to darken it a bit to copy but it is sweet.  I see this motif on many 19th century redwork pieces.
4.  THE FREE TABLE!!!  Our quilt guild has a free table where members bring supplies that they no longer want.  I think this is such a neat thing.  Somebody always wants what you bring.  I like to pick up magazines and occasionally get some fabric.  Most of the fabric I picked up this week is for Meals-On-Wheels placemats but I do adore the blue/pink bird print.  I think it is adorable!!!
 And also I picked up these free blocks:

Well I'm off to finish a gluten free cake for hubby and get ready to take some pieces up to my longarm quilter.  Have a great day!!!


LA Paylor said...

What fun things!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I have that pink and blue bird fabric! I bought it for the backing of a quilt, and have enjoyed having the leftovers to put in scrappy quilts! The free table looks like fun!

claudia said...

My guild has those freebie tables too. Such fun "shopping" the freebies!
I love your Overall Boys!
The pink and blue bird fabric is adorable.

claudia said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my last quilt top. Now if I could only get it sandwiched and quilted!

Sandra :) said...

I can imagine the effect that it would have on Alzheimers/dementia patients - it would be of great comfort to anyone in a stressful or hospital/hospice situation. I'd play with one too if I saw it - I miss having a kitty. When I'm out and about I get to play with random puppers that I meet up with, but I don't very often (or ever, haha) see anyone walking a kitty cat :D

I don't recall seeing very many Sunbonnet Sams (that's the name that popped into mind when I saw your overall boys - I must have read it somewhere) - I would love to run into your lad walking the pig, LOL!