Thursday, July 2, 2015

Invasion of the Greta Poodle and border question

Greta has come for a two week visit.  My mother is away with her brother so we were nominated to care for Greta.  Seamus was at first excited she was coming home with us.  But the bloom faded off that rose quick enough.  Now he just looks at us as if to say:  "She's STILL here!"
Greta is not going to want to go home.  She never gets walked unless she is with us and we've had two cat sightings in our back yard (one she actually got to chase).  She loves to go to the park in the morning (above).  Plus people are always coming by and she likes all the stops we make during our neighborhood walks to chat with Seamus' friends.  If she looks similar to Teddy, it's because she is his sibling.  They came from the same litter.  
How are you spending the Fourth of July?  I'll probably be home sewing.  I was working on a checkerboard quilt that incorporates a jelly roll I won at a local quilt show (yellow, grey, and white fabrics).
I found a pattern in a friend's magazine that looked similar to the jelly roll I had and I liked the checkerboard effect.  I was all set to add the last border of checkerboard, when I realized I would have a lot of blocks left.  My solution?  I think I will forgo the last border and use this flowered print that I had in my stash.  If I do this, I actually have enough to make 2 lap quilts which would be a fun present!  Do you like the floral with this?
Stay safe and cool!  Happy Sewing!


Sandra :) said...

Oh that flower print was made for that quilt - it's perfect, and the lap quilts will make a most excellent gift :)

LOL @ Seamie (Shamie - like Sheldon + Amy!) having his nose out of joint because Greta is visiting - it's OK to be a bit annoyed when you have to share mom, lol!

Hmmmmmmmmmm for July 4 I hope to steal hubby away for a mini road trip - he was supposed to work on Saturday so we can't go to a celebration we were invited to. We can't now change our "Sorry, can't go" to a "Yep, we can now!" because of distance, so I'm going to find some kind of event in a nearby town and we'll go out for the day :) We're going out Sunday night with both kids (and the older one's girlfriend) for a lovely steak dinner to celebrate the younger one's 25th birthday last Saturday, so it's going to be a great weekend - one during which I may not even have to cook even once, LOL!

LA Paylor said...

ooo she's pretty. Poor Seamus... you'll miss her I bet. LeeAnna home sewing on the fourth! Well off to shop, then back to sew while watching Barry Manilow in DC where I could be if I had the energy!

Andrea said...

The border matches nicely! The only comment I might make though is that it very much takes the eye away from the checkerboard middle, at least for me. It's probably because it's so busy and such a large pattern compared to the small squares in the middle. Hope that helps!

Allie-oops Designs said...

That floral is PERFECT! I love it. Poor Greta, she's not going to want to go home - although Seamus might want her to, lol! said...

love the floral! phyllis