Sunday, July 12, 2015

Greta updates...the Goldilocks saga

Greta went home yesterday.  She seemed relieved to be home.  The first week at our house was like vacation and fun time for her.  But the second week, it was obvious she was looking for her place in our home.  

Of course when she came over two weeks ago, she had immediately taken over Seamus' brand new bed (doesn't Seamus look a bit peeved?):
I had to chase her out of Seamus' crate (a sacred and safe place for our dogs).

And then there was Thursday, when I actually left the dogs to do some errand and came home to find that somebody had peed on my couch!  It wasn't a lot of pee and I could clean it up but it probably reflected the dog that takes medicine for incontinence.  

 It must have been the same dog that DH found on the couch when he was with them Friday and went downstairs for a second and then couldn't find Goldilocks Greta until he looked on the couch.  She was curled up fast asleep there and must have decided the couch was "just right."  
"What's a feller to do?"
So Seamus and I were relieved to have her go home.  Last night, I took Seamus on his evening constitutional and it was as if the whole neighborhood re-greeted him.  People (and their dogs) were out and he got to visit with a lot of his friends (and especially dog friends) that he couldn't see when Greta was here because she isn't always appropriate with little dogs (she thinks they are rabbits).  Lots of doggy kisses were given to the gentle giant.  He was a happy man when he got home, had his treat, curled up in his (fairly) new bed and fell fast asleep.   Life returns to normal...


Sandra :) said...

A man's home is his castle - and that goes double for doggies! I'm glad Greta got to come visit and have fun (not the peeing part though - yikes!) but I'm glad too that Seamus gets his digs back :D Peeved isn't the word for picture #2 - that's definitely a WTF look, lol!

Allie-oops Designs said...

The look on his face says it all, lol!!!! He has such a personality!

LA Paylor said...

Seamus you were good to share, and understand it's stressful being in another poodle's house overnight. My labradaughter had pee issues when she slept... womanly hormone issues. Leeanna said...

so cute, I have a toy someone gave me & I adore her. She has peeing & pooping issues however she is the queen here over the larger dogs. Yours have such sweet looks on their faces.phyllis