Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sew-cation Results

I always get more done when I allot a few days to just sewing.  This Sew-cation did get me some good results.  Today I do have to clean-up, run errands, etc.  But here is what I accomplished:
The binding is applied to Peter and Jessica's picnic quilt.  You might remember some of these fabrics from Peter and Jessica's party here.  I'm giving it to them for their second anniversary on June 29.  The first anniversary is supposed to be paper (we gave them a gift certificate); the second anniversary is supposed to be cotton.  So I'll use that to justify why it took so long to get this done.  This quilt is HEAVY.  I really need to find a light weight batting that I can maneuver better.  It took almost a whole day to apply the binding to the quilt because it was so dang heavy.  If you can recommend a lightweight batting, I would sure appreciate any suggestions!
Check this one off my list as well.  This is for the Civil War program.  I've applied the binding and began hand sewing it on the back last night.  I love to sew at night but I can't see well enough to embroider in the evening (despite a variety of lights including an ott light).  Binding is easier on my eyes and I now have a stack of quilts to bind which makes me sooooo happy :)
Got this quilted and applied binding as well.  I'm going to be pretty busy at night!  Two other projects that went astray:
Didn't get these done the way I wanted because I didn't like something with the embroidery. So I ripped and am restitching some things.  
Every morning I am watering some part of the garden with my soaker hoses.  Thank goodness for the soakers!  We haven't had rain since April 21st.  I can live without grass (indeed I have no grass in my backyard) but I so love my flowers and foliage.  Hopefully we will get some rain Wednesday AND Thursday but we will see.
Have a wonderful day!


Sandra :) said...

WOW you got a lot done, Mickie - you really did sew during your 'cation! Peter and Jessica will love their quilt - what batting did you use that you want something lighter? I buy Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100% Cotton Needled Batting from Joanns whenever I get Stateside. I bought 2 queen size rolls this past Saturday for $17.49 per roll, less 20% ... a bargain for the brand I like the best :) I prefer it over Warm and Natural because it's lighter. Warm and Natural went through a stage a few years ago where the quality dropped substantially - the batts were thin in some places, and extra thick in others ... plus there were pokies (cotton sticks?) all over the place - it was awful! I'm very happy with Mountain Mist :)

Allie-oops Designs said...

You really did get a lot done!!! Love it. We've had so much rain - lots and lots of flooding - shall I send you some?