Monday, May 18, 2015

Dog TV

Greta visited yesterday and was so excited when she looked over the wall and saw a REAL LIVE CAT!  George (the cat) was out lounging on the back porch of my neighbor's home. 
Our first poodle, Paddie, used to enjoy looking over the wall at the world and that is when we originally called this region "dog tv".  She could stand for hours looking over the wall.  The wall was shorter then, built up for a variety of reasons (including Teddy our dog who could be neurotic when he saw the cat or anything else).  Anyway, this was truly exciting for Greta!  I was so proud of her because she didn't bark once at him, she was just thrilled to see a cat--so close and one that actually moved!!!
Seamus was less than thrilled.  He loves George and even visits him but losing Greta as a playmate was NOT what he called a good visit.  SO HE barked at George--an unusual behavior for Seamus.
Fortunately the two poodles made up later on and ended up lounging indoors once the heat got too high to be outsides.  
Hope the weather is tolerable for you!  We are expecting cooler temps later this week.  Have a great week everyone!! 


Sandra :) said...

LOL I love the dog TV show - and it's always new episodes - no repeats! ;)

I did some laundry this morning and was going to hang it outside but the skies got really overcast and it looked like rain was coming quickly, so I hung the first load on my indoor clothes rack. Now the last load is finished in the washer and the skies have cleared so I'm going to hang it outside - fingers crossed it doesn't get rained on :D

Allie said...

ROFL - that looks like a good channel!!! I call my sewing room window "cat tv". With the tree just outside, and birds nesting in the gutter above, Hermione is fascinated. Glad the two made up - enjoy the cooler weather! It's freezing here, after 85 yesterday!

Wonky Girl said...

Nice to see photos of the poo-kids. Those two seem to really enjoy each others company.
We are cool here in SE AZ, unusual in May. The poo-kids and myself are enjoying it. Never ready for three digit temps that will be here soon.

LA Paylor said...

It's been viciously hot here so Cole doesn't want to walk. He watches the squirrel show a lot from his porch perch. I'm kind of in love with Greta and her name. I love that poodles stand next to a wall not angled up to it like dogs. The shot of them lounging is priceless.LeeAnna