Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Days...

Like a lot of bloggers, we've had a number of snow days here.   Although my foot is healing nicely, my ability to walk Seamus is thwarted by the weather.  Whenever possible, we are walking at least down to the terrace:
Good things continue to happen.  Yesterday I found out that I won the Martha's apron of the month!!!  I am ga-ga over this apron and can't believe I actually won it!  You can see it here.  I think that it will fit Helena when she is over and am going to hang it as art when the kids aren't here.  I am just over the moon about it!
Since I am talking about Martha (and snow) thought I would post a photo of my Nancy Page snowflake quilt (the block from the top of this post is part of it).
 There are a variety of snowflakes in this quilt and Martha has the pattern posted (for free) on her blog (here).  I also have a friend with an embroidered version and I will try to get a photo of that as well.  I'd like to do an embroidered miniature version to hang during the winter months.

Have a safe and happy week!


Elvira said...

Espero que te recuperes pronto
Enhorabuena por el premio, pero muchas mas felicitaciones por tu quil de copos de nieve es sencillamente una obra maestra

quilter000 said...

I too love the apron lucky you and the kids. LOVE LOVE your snowflake quilt!!

Patty Pat

Sandra :) said...

Oh my goodness I love the apron - such a pretty scene! Helena should love it :D The quilt is lovely too, but the snowflake design would make me feel cold in the winter - I think I would need to have the electric blanket on too, LOL!

Allie said...

I saw you won on Martha's blog - so excited and happy for you, that is the sweetest apron!!!! Congratulations!! I really love your Nancy Page quilt, I think that's the most beautiful winter quilt I've ever seen. Just stunning!