Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snowflake update...

Don't slip on the ice!!!  We have a lot of it here in the Northeast!

An update regarding the snowflake quilt I posted a photo of yesterday.  Martha looked over it and it is NOT the Nancy Page version.  In fact, it is a paragon kit quilt, a very similar version is here on the quilt index.  It's post-war (WW2) which makes a lot of sense since grey was a fashionable color after the war.  Thanks Martha!


Sandra :) said...

I knew that!!!!!!!!!!

LOL just kidding, of course - it's still a pretty quilt but I'd still want an electric blanket sidekick! ;)

I'd love to know how Google is determining I'm not a robot by me putting a checkmark in a box. Robot: "I *AM* a robot but I'm going to tell them I'm not so they'll let me post a comment - I'm a sneaky wee 'bot!"

Allie said...

Either way it's a stunner, Mickie. And I love that little embroidered girl!!!