Wednesday, February 11, 2015

37 days until Spring!

Today is a sunny day and it is already (at 11 a.m.) up to 28 degrees.  I'm getting restless.  Between injuries and the weather, it feels as if springtime and some freedom will never get here.  Of course Seamus feels it much more than I do.  I was photographing a recent purchase for my inventory and Seamus pulled his usual stunt:
"Don't pay attention to that quilt, pay attention to ME! ME! ME!"

Life will eventually get back to normal.  For now, we are just making it through.  I did buy some new bedding yesterday and that made it feel somewhat like spring.  I really don't like to start the hardcore cleaning until I can open the windows but new pillows and sheets do help.
Hope you are faring well through the winter!

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Allie said...

Seems like it will never get here, doesn't it? And this weekend the temps will be WAY below zero - sigh. My poor windshield wiper spray nozzles are completely frozen, so even though I took a drive yesterday to get out of the house, I couldn't see anything!! Far too cold to walk.....