Sunday, December 30, 2012

The wonderful thing about doing a list...

is that you remember what you have!  First of all, thanks for all the great comments and ideas...I love having fresh eyes look at these things because I really have been at a loss with most of them!

I have another category called "doubles".  A lot of times if I making the effort to make one of something, I do a double because I have enough fabric left and I might as well.
This is a double of a quilt I made for Miles before he was born.  These were left over blocks, I just need to add a border to make it a baby sized quilt.

Double of blocks from Ami Simms pattern that I made for my brother and sister in laws for Christmas...about 5 years ago (or more).  The blocks are all done, just need to make the quilt.

When Helena was about 2 or 3, I made a wall hanging for her new bedroom.  I have a set of three blocks left.  When I found these, I knew just what to do with them!  We are going to our friends' house tomorrow for an "old people's New Years celebration".  Old people's New Years (for oldies like us) means we meet at noon, play pinochle, gab, and head home before it is dark.

Anyway, I'm going to whip up a wall hanging today to take along to their house for their granddaughter (the same little one who said "chocolate is medicine for women").  Will post a pic tomorrow if I get it done! :)
Hugs and have a happy day!



bookkm said...

Hmmm, if you need to get rid of any doubles I know someone who would love one! Happy New Year!

Sandra :) said...

I used to do that too - make doubles of monthly blocks from sewalongs, lol. I don't remember actually using up many of the "first" or "second" sets of these blocks - I think I had so many that I ended up giving them away - isn't that awful??!! I think it's because it's more fun making the blocks than actually finishing projects, haha.

Love the cupcake blocks - can't wait to see what you make :) My Old People's New Years Eve will consist of cooking and cleaning for the 14 adults and 3 kids that will be here the next day. Not exactly a wild party, LOLLLLLLLLLL!