Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 UFO Apocalypse!

My friend Sandra (of Sandra Sews) and I were talking about finishing things in 2013 and as she put it, do a UFO Apocalypse!  I love that phrase--about the only violence I could ever advocate is annihilating clutter--so here we go!
We aren't making a big blog thing out of this but if you want to join in, just give a holler on the second day of the month when we will (hopefully) be finishing up projects.  I am resigned to say this:  I have 33 ufos to do something with...which I've broken down into various categories that I will post in the next few days.

The first category is what I call:  What to do with it?  Projects that didn't turn out really well or I changed my mind on...but basically, haven't thrown out:

I think the teddy bear I will finish (either as a pillow or a bear) closer to Halloween.  The others...I'm just not sure about yet.  

It's snowing here and is lovely.  Hope you all are having a peaceful day as we are!


Gail in Vegas said...

I also made a list of projects I want to finish in 2013 and if I don't care for it any longer, out it goes!
For your "what to do with it?" group, maybe some of your followers would be interested in buying them, or you could do a giveaway.

Sandra :) said...

Because it's easy to tell someone else what to do (LOL!):

1. Finish the teddy bear first - it looks like it's already stitched RST to the backing as a throw pillow cover, so it appears to be almost finished! A quick finish would be a great start!

2. The first quilt is lovely - I think it could use another border, then some simple stitch in the ditch quilting (between the blocks) and binding.

3. Ladybugs! Love those blocks, and particularly love that centre fabric (you gave me some!) :) Do you have any more of that ladybug fabric? Add an outer border in the same fabric (or another print that would work) (make it an inch or two wider than the inner sashing), SITD quilt and bind. Depending on the size of those blocks, it could be a dolly quilt or a table topper or a carriage quilt?

4. Charm square quilt - I see 2 borders of sliced up charm squares - do you have any of the squares left? If so, add the same border on the sides, add an outer border, quilt and bind. No more charm squares? I would (I know this will raise some hackles!) remove the two existing borders, add a border in a co-ordinating print, then use the existing borders to "splice" backing to match the front :)

5. Those are sweet - how big are they? Make a 3rd one and make a lovely tablerunner. Make each of them into a dolly quilt. Use them to make a tote bag or a drawstring gift bag or a panel for an apron ... or what about using them as the centre of a little tablecloth for a tea table for a little girl?

WOW this is fun - all the fun and none of the work - I like this, LOL!

Sandra :) said...

P.S. I'm with Gail - if I don't care for it any more - out it goes - I don't need the stress - I'm happy to ship it off to the thrift store (with notes and extra fabrics etc.) - let it be somebody else's headache, LOL!

GardenOfDaisies said...

I have some UFO' that I just don't even like anymore, and need to donate to the quilt guild auction so someone else can enjoy them. Others I really NEED to finish. Sigh. Why am I so bad about finishing things?

Wonky Girl said...

Ha, I am not setting any goals or making lists for 2013. None of it ever happens. No list, no goals= not disappointed by years end. Life happens too much at my house! LOL
Just a few blocks like you have could be turned into cute tote bags. Small quilts- just sandwich, quilt and bind then donate. Easy Peasy.