Sunday, December 9, 2012

Danish Ribbons (a sorta tutorial)

Last night I started making some Danish Ribbons for the kids.  I'm not sure where this craft came from.  One day...about 50 years ago, a lady gave my mom one of these for us and my mom began making them every year.  Now I am making them for the grandkids and some of the young 'uns coming next weekend.  The ribbons are fun way to mark off the last ten days of Christmas and helps with the extra energy that kids have this time of year. Most of all, it's just fun!  

This is so easy to make that I hesitate to call it a tutorial but here goes:
You don't need a lot of things to make one of these.  The only thing I had to buy was some Christmas candy and 3.25 inch wide ribbon.  I like the ribbon with ridges.  I used about 30 inches of ribbon for each project.  You'll need a thinner ribbon for the hanger and double-sided tape is optional but REALLY helpful; I always have this kind of stuff around.

 I also used some recycled Xmas cards for the top of the ribbon where the child's name goes (thanks Pam!).  

Leave some ribbon at the top above the card (about an inch).  I punch two small holes at the top of the card (one on the left, another on the right). 

 Use permanent double sided tape to attach the card (about an inch from the top),  You need to be able to pull the ribbon down and see some card so you can thread your skinny ribbon:
The holes allow you to string some skinny ribbon for the hanger.  I do find that putting a piece of the double sided tape on the knots makes the whole thing stronger.  Then I cover the knots with the  ribbon flap and trim the ribbon from the top of the card.
The poem is attached next.  I just printed it out on card stock and taped it on!  Here is the poem:

Far away in Denmark, the children will have fun
To mark the days to Christmas, each day they pull off one!
Start from the bottom and work up towards your name,
The last one comes on Christmas and ends our little game!

Then all you do is attach 10 pieces of candy.  I like to sew mine on because I can.  By the way, my mother still likes to make these for her friends' grandkids but she uses plastic canvas and ties the candy on.  When we were kids, she used to tape the candy on ribbon...but not good if the tape loosens and your dog eats your candy.  But really---you can really make them anyway you like.  
The game always starts on December 15.   Anyway these are our what we call "Danish Ribbons". Enjoy!


Martha said...

I had not heard of these before, Mickie, and they are so cute. One of these days I hope to have a little grandchild, and I can't wait to make all kinds of little projects like this. Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family!

Allie said...

I have never heard of these, but what a cute idea - thanks for the tutorial, I love them!