Monday, December 31, 2012

One down, 32 left to go...

Geez it was hard to prevent Seamus from sniffing (and moving) this wall hanging.  :)  He is such a diva!  Anyway, a quick finish for when little Lily and Claire have tea parties with their Grandmother, my friend Lori.

Next I am going to focus on charitable pieces that I can donate.  My guilds make premie quilts for the neonatal units and I use up a lot of scraps by making rail blocks.  
I also like using up scraps in other ways.  I made tons of blocks for a child's oncology quilt over the summer and Christmas trees for holiday placemats for Meals-on-Wheels seniors.  
I have a lot of writing work to do this year so I'm actually glad to have projects that are already started and just need to be finished.


Chris said...

Looks like you have a great start for 2013! I'll be looking forward to seeing your upcoming quilts.

Sandra :) said...

I love the tea party cupcakes - sweet (pun intended) :D

I have my 2 January UFO's on the table downstairs and haven't even touched them yet. With this cold I just haven't felt like working on anything big. But I'm on the mend finally, so hopefully I can get cracking - I need to get at least ONE of them done this month!