Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We're Tilted...But we're here!

We are super grateful these days.  We weathered Superstorm Sandy and we are safe as are our loved ones.   I'm still stunned by the images of the storm.  Without power, I could only listen to the news by radio which seemed horrible enough, but the photographs and video stun me.  We have endured losses in Pennsylvania, but we are so lucky.
Most of the damage around here is from fallen trees.  During Hurricane Irene and the monster snowstorm (October 2011), many branches fell and cut power off.  This year, we simply see trees uprooted.  HUGE trees uprooted and they are all over the place, sometimes tenuously leaning on wires.
Trees are still falling.  My friend called me to tell me that there one just fell on her street today.  I know this is a possibility for a few days so we could lose power again.  Good things are happening too, the utilities companies with help from the local grocers are footing the bill for water and ice for folks:
And despite everything, some folks know how to put a smile on our face.  The DaVinci Science Center sustained minimal damage compared to some places but one of the things that happened was their sign blew over:
The sign still works though, it just lights up and says, "We're Tilted" and then it flashes, "But we're here!"
Yes, even if we are all a bit tilted right now, we are all super grateful to be here.


Sandra :) said...

A tilted maple syrup hug sent your way!! We escaped any problems - Toronto had a lot of power outages, but we didn't even see a blip. The wind blew the leaves around, and that's about it. I'm now well stocked up on candles for the next time, though!

Allie said...

So very grateful to see you post, hon - stay away from those trees!~ I heard on the news that most of the deaths were from falling trees, how sad is that. I like the science center's sense of humor!

Wonky Girl said...

Oh, very glad to hear from you! Yes, beware of those trees and downed power lines. Take care.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Trees still falling!! Oh my so not fair!

bookkm said...

It still looks ugly but life is starting up again. We didn't lose power. Glad to hear that you are ok.

Sherry said...

Hey Mickie! So glad to hear that you are ok. We lost power Monday night but it came back last night. We had no damage but some of our friends have lost their houses. You are correct, the pictures are just heartbreaking.

rosie said...

Hi Mickie, so glad that you are all ok. What a horrendous storm..
We are heading into our hot season, whilst you await the cold..
I love your new little baby quilt, so very pretty.