Monday, October 29, 2012

My world and welcome to it...

This is my mantra these days.  My girlfriends often joke about how good I have it at home.  My husband travels most of the time with his job and I am left to do what I choose.  When he is home, the world pretty much revolves around what he wants to do (usually just REST, eat homecooked food, watch sports and see the kids).  

I was single for about 16 years between marriages and his schedule gives me the break and alone time I had become accustomed to while raising my son.  The only downside is days like this when we are expecting a "superstorm" and I have to experience it alone.  It's just a bit scary, especially when you listen to the news.  

So I'm keeping myself occupied and thought I would post some photos of the updated sewing room and some other things.  My other new mantra is "use it or lose it" so I'm choosing to put a lot of my treasures on display these days.  So let's go up the steps to the sewing area...
Here's what hits you at the landing at the top of the stairs.  The child's hutch holds my sewing notions and I needed a place to put some of my linens.  I have a lot of doll and baby quilts and some are in the bed.   I can't wait for Helena to come over and play.  I think she and Miles will have a lot of fun here.
Still the landing-- but see this big quilted pillow?  It is resting on my new ottoman.  My best friend (more like adopted sister) and I swap furniture all the time; she was yearning for my trundle bed and I was yearning for more space up here.  So she got the trundle and swapped me for this ottoman  which unfolds into... a bed!   My son slept on it and said it was very comfortable.  Anyway, when Helen and Miles play house up here, they can use it for a couch (with that big quilted pillow) and their story books are stored in that bookshelf (a nice place to read, don't you think?).
********************************TA DA!
Here's my main sewing room and yes, it feels like a dance floor there.  It's my little space under the eaves and I really love it.  And now for something completely different..  

Here is our tiny kitchen:
 One of the things I decided to do was use more of my linens.  So I am using them in my cupboards more.  Martha from "Q is for Quilter" introduced me to museum wax for holding up antique figurines but the wax is useful to hold my blue plates up in the back of the cupboard as well:

My next project will probably be to paint the cabinet on the left.  We bought in Plymouth, Mass.  many years ago and I've put off painting out of deference to my husband who loved the beige when we bought it.  I doubt he remembers that now and I want it to be more in keeping with the rest of the kitchen.  The cabinet on the right he made before we got married and it was a matte brown/rust color at one time.  My vision for the piece on the left is a white cabinet with red gingham curtains (for the top door).  
So that is some of my little world.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  I guess I will go sew and try to not listen to the news for a while.  I have lots of "no power" projects ready but think I will sew while we have electricity.
Stay safe everyone and hugs to you all!


Sherry said...

Oh, I love your pictures!!

I could so easily move into your house --- especially if the rest of the house looks as cute & cozy!

Storm update from NJ --- it's gotten calmer here (winds were getting stronger a little while ago). . . .but I know Sandy is on the way.

Now I'm going back to sewing --- just in case the power goes out later!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Your sewing room is adorable!
Hang in there during this storm! Right now the winds are bad and the rain is coming in torrents!

Martha said...

"Cute and cozy" is exactly what I was going to say. I love your house, and your redecorating is perfect. Helena and Miles are going to love playing in in the comfy spaces you created. I wish my sewing room was as charming as yours. Good job all around!

I'm sorry you will be alone during the storm. I'm hoping you won't lose power too long, and I look forward to hearing from you when it's all over.

Sandra :) said...

I just heard that our oldest lad won't be working outside tomorrow on the 40th floor of a building under construction (NO WALLS YET! Eeeeeeeeeeek!), and they closed the jobsite for the other lad (thanks Sandy) so I only have to worry about hubby being out and about in whatever will befall Toronto tomorrow!
Pretty photographs - I have a feeling of deja vu looking at them!! ;)

Allie said...

Oh Mickie I adore your home - I want to come play! It's absolutely charming, girl. I hope you're safe and sound and haven't lost your power - I've been thinking of you the whole time - let me know as soon as you're able that you made it through ok!!!!!