Sunday, October 14, 2012


Been a lot going on here which is why I haven't written often.  My stepson was ill and in August we had the grandchildren a lot.  More recently he stayed here but is finally now at home with wife and kids.  We've been juggling a lot and today I am going to reclaim my sewing room and reorganize it.  
This is how my sewing room used to look:

Nothing is simple at our place so of course this summer I finally decided to use this as a sewing room and cut the guest room part out.  Did I mention this is a really small house?  Anyway, I gave the bed away, passed on a lot of fabric, quilts, and patterns, and did a total clear out.

Which of course was good because when my stepson came home, we had everything but a bed for him.  So again, back with a bed, etc...Now he has gone back and guess what?  We took the bed out...last night I couldn't sleep so I attacked the room again.  I don't function well in a disorganized area so I had to take pictures of my room all messed up (okay pulled apart, bringing things back, moving others out).  Just look at this mess!!! :) 


GardenOfDaisies said...

What a wonderful cozy space your have for your sewing room! This reminds me of the attic at my Grandma's house. So many good memories of playing there.
Things always look a lot worse while you are sorting through things. But you will be so happy to have it all organized, cleaned and ready to use!

bookkm said...

That room is luxuriously big. My work space is about a third of that. The organizing never ends.