Monday, October 8, 2012

I say tomato and you

Is there anything quite as wonderful as apples in October?  This year, our family is particularly fond of the honey crisp variety and are fortunate that our grocers have some nice ones in stock.  I'm buying nearly a dozen every few days because my guys are gobbling them up.  It made me think of this quilt:

Seamus and the vintage fruit quilt
I call it the tomato quilt because with the yellow background, it reminds me of vintage labels of canned tomatoes.  Everyone else calls it the apple quilt.  Which ever fruit it is, the quilt sure is fun and different and I just love it.  Which fruit do you think it is?


Linda said...

What a great quilt, whether it's tomatoes or apples! (I tend to think apples.)

Wonky Girl said...

As much as I love crispy fall apples..... ha, ha those on your quilt could also be giant cherries?
Your handsome poodle kid looks like he wants to pounce and cuddle on the quilt ;-)

Allie said...

Oh my gosh I love that quilt - I think tomatoes - but in fall, it HAS to be apples!~ It's wonderful, Mickie!

Sandra :) said...

I think they look like apples, but Seamus seems to be saying that they look like a snack ;)