Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's moment of beauty...

My girlfriends had an impromptu birthday party for me about 10 days ago.  One of the gifts was this wee book of quotations and I love it (yes, I am a quote nut, just find them sooo inspiring sometimes).  Anyway each day you open up the little book and it gives you something to think about.  I decided to post some of the moments of beauty since we all can use a reminder to appreciate the gifts in our life. 

Today's moment? 
"Life is sometimes made of the small moments of contentment you find in the corners of your day."

I already had a moment of contentment this morning when I picked some bouquets of roses.  We are about to have three days of rain and I wanted to enjoy the blossoms while I can.  Also, how do you like my new lamps?  I bought the bases for $4.00 total at a garage sale and then made the lampshades (whole project total:  $19).  I just love this little corner of my dining room now!

"Easy Does It" is the name of these beauties which are easily the most fragrant roses in my garden:
 I've learned a new appreciation of coral and even orange this year and when these roses bloom, the whole bed pops with cheerfulness.  The perfume from fills the entire upper yard; for the first time I enjoyed hanging wash because I could inhale the scent these emit. 
I'm off to sew.  I hope you have some special moments of beauty and contentment today too!


Sandra :) said...

I'll check out your dining room tableaux (aren't I fancy! LOL!) in 3 weeks ... hopefully the rain hasn't changed to snow by then - hubby thought he heard the word "snow" yesterday on the news, in relation to NY --- eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

quilter000 said...

Mickie that is a great corner and beautiful roses. Your lamps turned out fantasticQ!!I like your doily. and the blue vase. patty pat