Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Color me Happy!

Katie is going to be a crayon for Halloween this year.  She and her mom made this awesome costume yesterday, isn't it great?  It seem so apt since the Crayola Crayon factory is in our valley.
Hey Katie this is my favorite color too! :)
The pups like it too, here are Greta and Seamus (slightly hidden to the left of Greta) peering over the wall to check out the activities:
Have a great day ya'all :)


Sandra :) said...

I do believe that's the cutest crayon I've ever seen!

LOL I didn't see Seamus until you mentioned where he was --- Hi Seamus - hi Greta!

Sarah said...

Very cool outfit!!

Allie said...

That is too cute, love it!

Wonky Girl said...

Cute costume!
Our cats and poodles were always afraid of us in costume, looks like your poodles are just curious.