Monday, June 15, 2009

Hail! Hail! Or Stormy Weather........

Well we were lucky to not have rain yesterday. This afternoon a heck of a storm blew in. It was the worst one yet, tons of rain, terrible wind, leaves being ripped off the tree out front and blowing onto our windows. After the storm, the leaves were still stuck to the window but that wasn't the worst part...
Hail, lots of it, it's been an hour since the storm left and the hail is still out back, it fell so thick in some places and was an inch or more deep in different pockets throughout the garden. I took a variety of pics to show DH when he gets home (below).
We are so fortunate, despite the challenging weather, to have such great local weather people. Our daily routine includes watching the local morning program to find out what to expect in the garden. Our TV channel, WFMZ, has the best meteorologists. Matt Broderick and Ed Hanna make weather interesting and I can rely on their predictions, they are that accurate.
Today Ed shared some interesting tidbits. There have only been 3 days so far this month that we haven't had any rain. In addition, he cited some interesting temps. In April the highest temp was 91; May the high was 85; in June so far the high temp has been 83. What a strange year!!!
Tomorrow I know what I will be doing, I'll be staking all my plants that got squashed this week. Egads :)

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