Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Garden Update

It's been a lingering spring here in eastern Pennsylvania with plenty of rain, frequent cool weather, and small spurts of heat. All this has been a fantastic recipe for the garden which is just blooming beyond all expectations!

I rarely buy plants for the garden, there is an abundance of self sowers and we are limited on plant space in the city but I just had to buy this when I saw it! Black Lace Elderberry is the name of the bush and it has a wonderful pink flower and fantastic foliage. In the fall it does produce edible berries (good for my birds, I doubt I will make elderberry jam). I just love the foliage. This particular plant my nursery had put aside; it had been overwatered and they were nursing it back to health (hence I got it for a bargain price). I am so looking forward to the sculptural quality this will add to our garden when it fills out!

Things have been so busy here that I didn't get to prune the tea roses this year. At one point, my husband told me that one of the canes had to be trimmed that it had fallen off the bush. I never got to that chore either but interestingly enough, this happened:
The cane lays on the ground and I finally get long stemmed roses!!!!!!
I'm starting to prune the roses but I have to wait til all these blooms have faded because I just love them and the fragrance this year as I clean the beds has just been...........intoxicating.
Denise's peony next door which I get to enjoy every morning :)

This sweet rose is from our arbor in the front of the house. If I remember propery, I think this is a New Dawn but to be honest, I don't really care what the names are anymore. As long they bloom and are happy...... that's all this Nana really needs.

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