Friday, May 1, 2009

The week in review....

Each year, my husband and I have something done to the house with the thought that this is the last time we will ever need to do such and such. This year, we are working on the backyard/garden. We need to have sod placed but this week the hubs worked on a pathway which is still unfinished. Also, estimators came out to assess our property because we are going to have a privacy fence installed. This will change the look of the garden so it will be a summer long project.
Helena was here on Monday and she and Katie did a lot of painting and crafts out back. Unfortunately I got ill that night and was sick through til Tuesday.

Wednesday I went to KalMay Arabians to do photographs for a blog I am working on for Jim and Linda.

Thursday, Erin and Hannibal came to visit. Hannibal is standing here with Seamus. I helped Erin with her blog, can't wait to see how it looks and will post more on that!

Helena was here again today and we made bunnies, a bunny house and assorted other crafts (including MayDay basket below). Today is Melanie's birthday and it was great to see her as well!

Tomorrow Di is coming to help to visit. I need her help and she needs Mama and Papa (of 3ps and n) to nurture her a bit.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your Seamus is so cute!!!!!!!
Sounds like you have been very busy helping others. Enjoy your weekend.


Candi said...

Wow, you're one busy lady! Enjoy reading about all your ventures.