Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grateful for Rain

Sometimes it is good to take a break. We have been working steadily to get the garden open this season as well as prepare for the fence construction that will begin later this week. Some beds had to be stripped completely to make way for the fence and others still need to be weeded. Everything needs mulch and DH has still not got the sod. But there is always something to do and we spend almost all our time out back (but oh! it will be even better once the fence is up!).
Yesterday we moved a tree. I had removed a half-dead St. John's Wort bush on Friday and Brad helped me plant a curly willow tree I had started to replace it. Our hole was 2 feet deep and the soil was dry all the way down. Numerous thunderstorms passed through last night and we are grateful for the rain despite how it affects the 3 poodles (Teddy barks at the thunder, Paddie hides, and Seamus puts his head under the couch and sleeps).
Today it is just good to rest, take a break and let mother nature care for the plants and us :)
Have a safe and blessed holiday!

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cottonreel said...

Hi , I,m cottonreel , I have recently had new fencing and a revamp, I was worried it would take a long time for my garden to recover but it,s getting there. I had to have well established trees and bushes removed. I have to say the pictures of your garden are real eye candy, hope you soon get sorted