Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Celebrate Weeding.....

I haven't blogged for the last week because I was immersed in the usual yard sale chores: purging, pricing, and hauling things out to the garage for the big sale. Our sale last Saturday was wonderfully successful and I have enough money to buy all the mulch for the garden--and hire the wonderful boy next door to lay the mulch :)

Following the whole house purge thing, I am going out to weed this morning. It needs to be done before the mulching and I may want to also move some plants. This morning it is 56 degrees out and perfect weeding weather. I love weeding: it hurts the hands, knees and even the elbows but I find it all relaxing....the quiet of the garden, filing the buckets full of weeds, and the even clean look of the soil when it is all done.

Today is especially wonderful because my dentist just called and cancelled my appointment so now I have a whole day for the garden!

Have a safe and blessed day! May all your weeds be pulled easily and include the whole root of your problems!

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Kimara said...

I'm like a 8 year old right now... not wanting to come inside when my mom calls! I'm in my gardens now, too. And like you, it's perfect weeding weather and I find it relaxing. I won't have exactly the same feeling in the heat of the summer when the ground is parched, but right now, all is right in my universe... even though the joints complain! Happy gardening!