Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday and congrats to the Steelers who won the game tonight. It was an exciting game but I didn't watch much of it (DH gives me the blow by blow anyway). Today I had to get a lot of things completed that needed to be done. It was a busy weekend for the two of us.

DH took me to the store today so I could get this week's shopping done. I need him to help me with big orders, I just can't lift things these days. Then I took the car to the place down the road and got the upholstery and carpeting clean (from Teddy's fine performance on Thursday). It took the guy almost 2 hours to get the car done but it is more passable.

From there we headed over to Mom's for her birthday dinner which was coordinated by her good grandson Peter :) His girlfriend Jess made an amazing orange cake with a chocolate ganache glaze that was amaaaaazing. I just had to have two slices.

Tonight I worked on the sewing room. Whenever I finish a project, I feel compelled to clean up. It just makes starting the next project easier (especially to focus). I am happy to report that the room is doing better and better. The stash is beginning to slowly dwindle (no purple, brown, grey, or orange except for a few fat quarters). STILL way too much Christmas fabric but I am thinking of making some more placemats for Christmast presents. I'll bug some of my groups for nice present ideas.

Also made a note of my UFOs which aren't as bad as I thought but then I had been picking them off while Brad was recovering and this past year. I also tossed some that had such bad structure that it just wasn't worth it. I'm going to post the list on my blog to keep my momentum moving forward. Tomorrow Helena is coming again and we will have another busy BUSY day with crafts, baking and getting ready for the next snow storm.
Be kind, do good work and be well!

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Pamela Kieffer said...

glad to hear there is someone else who can't work in a upset room. Mine has been swept, work space de-treaded and projects neatly stack for the coming weeks activity. I have a friend coming on Tuesday to teach basic quilting...makes me a little nervous, she can't stand dirt or clutter. Love your Paddie.