Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got Treats?

Well here are the three characters! They are (left to right): Seamus our 1 year old big baby, Paddie the 11 year old love of my life, and Teddy who needs all the patience and loving you can give.

Teddy (white dog) loves his ottoman. He was born with a hip defect and doesn't have a ball or a joint on his left rear hip. It's probably one of the reasons he is so insecure (that and the fact that he was seperated from his mama too early). Anyway, it is our job to keep him lean and in shape so that the muscle mass can make up for some of the problem and he doesn't put too much weight on his back. After a long day, he likes to lay on his ottoman and take the weight off his back hip. It must make him feel good somehow.

Poodles are known for how smart they are but I wonder if animal behaviourists realize they even know how to tell time. At 7 pm they all seem to share a mutual signal and line up for their evening treats. You can set your watch by them. It is a weird and amazing thing :)

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