Thursday, March 4, 2021

I Like Thursdays: March 4, 2021

 I'm so happy that March is giving us a bit of a thaw!  We still have plenty of snow out there but the sunshine has been marvelous!

Today is "I Like Thursday" and we share happy thoughts to fill the world with positive energy.  You can see more posts at Lee Anna's blog, Not Afraid of Color!

My niece Christina continues to craft through the pandemic.  I love the new sweater she made!

My husband got home and then he got sent out again.  At least we got the taxes organized and sent to the accountant.  That is always a good thing!
I'm very slowly picking off the spring cleaning.  I do a little every day so I don't mess up my knee!

I miss walking but I'm grateful that Kerry gives Scout a good work out!  Here is a rare moment of peace between them.  Scout is working on Kerry's bone and she's a bit miffed.  The only way that we can get Kerry to calm down when Scout's around is to put her on a leash.  Otherwise she wants to take running leaps and jump onto Scout.  Kerry is already a big puppy (37 lbs at 6 months!!) so we have to be careful.

Over at my Pennsylvania Piecemaker blog, I'm celebrating Scout and Milo's birthday month with photos of folks' dogs and cats and animal themed textiles.  Check it out if you want to participate!

Have a safe and happy day!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your niece's sweater is really neat! Trying to work on some spring cleaning here, too. I only do a little at a time, even without a bad knee, lol! That Kerry has a lot of energy! Glad you've figured out how to keep her from jumping on Scout. Have a great Thursday, Michele!

PaintedThread said...

An indoor leash? lol. Cool looking sweater. Ugh... I have spring cleaning on my list to do... Maybe I'll start this weekend. :-) said...

Cute sweater. Oh Kerry the exuberance of youth. Spring cleaning, I am just trying to keep up with the mud removal. Take care of the knee.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Michele, I enjoyed reading your post this morning. Love the header,btw.
Always fun to see what Scout is up to. Poodles have such a regal kind of look and then all that curly fur, so adorable. That sweater looks very toasty something still needed here too. Have a great weekend now!