Saturday, December 30, 2017

2018 Aspirations

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.  We can help write that story by setting goals.”  ---Melody Beattie

Tackling the upstairs after Christmas is always a chore.  The entire second floor of our cottage is my space and includes my office and sewing room.  It's also the place where the clutter is sent before any holiday season.  Today I would just be happy if the horizontal areas in the room weren't filled with stuff.
The rooms are also littered with legal pads.  I've been recording what needs to be done and what I'd like to accomplish in the next year.  My list is just a loose outline of what I hope to complete.  But first I had to scour through the mess of the sewing room to find out what needed to be done.

I know what I have in the fabric region; it's easily visible on shelves and in cabinets.  I'm content with this area.  For the past few years I've donated or passed on fabric that I decided I wouldn't use.

But then there the UFOs.  These things are tucked (hidden) in drawers like ghosts of projects past just awaiting to loom up like ghouls of guilt.  

Often in block form, some are pieced and needing more blocks, others are cut and need piecing.  Some terrible ones are just piles of fabric awaiting the whole shebang of assembly.  It would be nice if I could tackle at least 5 of these projects.

I have two drawers of oddments.  Leftover blocks from completed quilts, they would be useful for premie quilts, placemats, or mug rugs.

Then there is the scrap montsers.  I wish someone could explain to me how it is that I recently completed six scrap quilts and now have more scraps than when I started.  I'd love to whittle them down but I don't even have room on my lists for scraps.  I attack them every now and then when I am frustrated.  
Scout says, "Seriously?  How many scraps do you need to save?"

I have 17 tops.  Not all of thse will get quilted; but many that are completed will be gifts or donation quilts.

There are also 5 quilts that I would like make in the next year or two (or three).  These enterprises I've thought about it for a while and haven't gotten to yet.  You might call them pre-UFOs but my friend Linda would call them think-dream projects.

On the business side of my sewing, I have a new guild program to develop and will continue to develop my Nine Patch Notes.  I have a work blog called Pennsylvania Piecemaker that has been long neglected.  Since LeeAnna's "I Like Thursdays" has been successful for me, I'm going to adopt a day to keep the work blog functioning.  It's a start.

I hope you have a productive 2018!  Have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve and day!


Wonky Girl said...

Gosh, another year already. Just makes me feel old (!) so I'm notta gonna celebrate. Your UFO situation sounds like mine. I don't even want to open the door to my quilting room or sewing area. Lost my quilting mojo but maybe will get it it back in 2018. Have to say..... your silver poodle kid is so adorable.
God Bless & Best wishes for the New Year. (((Hugs))).

LA Paylor said...

good plans!

Hi baby scout... 10 months old today... Milo has a bit of a gray face since I shaved it too. He looks like you. He jumped off the big bed this morning by himself... not that was wanted him to. Give your mama licks and snuggles. LeeAnna

Sandra :) said...

I haven't really made many new years resolutions for 2018 - I rarely keep them anyways, despite good intentions. I did promise myself to stop bugging hubby about constantly charging the car - I have no idea why he does it, and it's not necessary, but I'm sure he has his reasons (and I'm sure they're WEIRD REASONS!) - since he's the driver, and since he's the one that drives me around - who am I to bug him? LOL! I've been working in the dungeon getting things tidied and cleaned (OMG the dust!) and organized ... and have started a list of things I'd like to get done this year. If I could empty several of the Rubbermaid storage containers I have down there (all full of fabric, or UFOs) I'd be a happy camper :)