Monday, September 4, 2017

Holiday Sewathon

My husband is working out of town and for the holiday weekend I've been doing a sewathon.  So have some of my friends.

I finished the last of the sea glass quilt tops.  All five are done now.  Yippee!
Finished a donation top:
Carol finished this scrappy donation top:

Today I'm doing a four patch which I hope to finish today as well.   My girlfriend Beth is also working with her new machine and last I heard she was cutting strips for a donation quilt as well.

Sometimes you just have to use up your scraps and what better way than making some fun and funky donation tops!  

Scout continues to progress with her healing.  On Friday she had some laser therapy on her knee and except for a few minutes of limping when she first wakes up, she is doing well.

On Friday I was cleaning the house and thought, "geez she is quiet." As we all know:
I couldn't find her, not in her bed, not at her toys...then I spied the little vixen:
She had jumped up on our blanket chest and was talking a nap there.  Apparently she likes to sit there and look at the window.
Not exactly what the doctor ordered so I gave her a big pillow to jump down on because I know better than to argue with a poodle who has decided on her special spot.

It's been a rainy and cool weekend and even though it is clear today, I think I'll stay in and sew some more before I work in the garden.

I hope you are having a good weekend!  


claudia said...

You certainly have been busy! I hope Scout can get down from her new favorite spot without consequences! But being the good poodle mom you are, I'm sure that is covered well! I hope she has a speedy recovery!

Sandra :) said...

We're ... supposed to USE our scraps??!! I thought we were supposed to just save them because they're pretty (like your quilt tops)! Mine are sorted by colour, and I've just recently started to work on downsizing my scrap stash by making patchwork zipper bags with each set of colours. You know you have too many scraps when you have to empty your large salad container of scraps, into a huge ziploc bag because the container is overflowing ;) But ... but ... but they really are PRETTY! :)