Thursday, August 31, 2017

I like Thursday, August 31, 2017

Although watching the suffering in Texas has grieved me, I like how our country has pulled together and focused on what unites us instead of our differences.  I have found the rescue efforts of the locals in Houston inspiring and it makes me proud of our country during this stressful time.

I like using sewing to relieve stress. I have felt compelled to keep the news on and used the anxiety to propel me to make donation quilts.  I'm just using up scraps and making blocks for quilts.
Scout (or the Scout-essa as I often call her) thinks sewing is fun too, especially when she can invade the scrap bin...oh wait, stop there.

Silly puppy.

It's the last day of August and we can feel Autumn approaching. 
I like caryopteris bushes.  Not many people use them around here but you can't beat the late season bloom and even the foliage has a wonderful scent--reminiscent of lavender.  It's a great bush.
I'm also cleaning out gardens.  The problem with my garden is that everything is happy and then I have to move things.  I actually like the work and like that it looks cleaner afterwards.
I like that this primrose continues to bloom.  It was given to me when Seamus died by my neighbor Denise.  It is very happy and always seems to have a flower on it.  It makes me feel like Seamus is always with me.
Finally, a note for my friend LeeAnna.  LeeAnna as you know is our hostess of the "I like Thursdays" posts and you can see her website here.  You may remember that Milo is recovering from a serious injury and in a brace.  LeeAnna commented that he isn't gaining a lot of weight.  We are seeing the same situation with Scout.
If there is one truth I know about poodles it is this:  they eat in relation to the exercise they are getting.  So it is not surprising to me that Scout isn't gaining much weight, she often leaves much of her kibble in her bowl these days but she is still on exercise restrictions and rest for her leg.  I'm not worried about it (too much) because I know she is really going to shoot up when she is better and can take walks again.  

I hope you have a safe and healthy week!  Be well and happy!


Allie-oops Designs said...

I'm watching the coverage too, checking in on family and friends in the area - two family members lost their homes. Good way to keep busy, Mickie! Scout is such a cutie - any word on how much longer she'll be healing??

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I definitely agree that quilting is a great way to relieve stress. I like the simple design of the one in the second picture - such a good idea! Scout is so cute with her scrap "pull!" Maybe she can sort by color?! Lol! Your garden photos are always beautiful! Mine are definitely overgrown right now and need thinning. Happy Thursday!

Sandra :) said...

I need to read "faith in humanity restored" type posts every day - I *know* there are more good people than bad. The stories and pictures coming out of Houston certainly prove that. I read a story a few minutes ago about workers from a pizza store KAYAKING 120 PIZZAS to people who were hungry and running low on food - I cried right at my computer :)

Scoutessa!! Give Auntie Sandra a kiss! *smooch* :D I hope she's continuing to improve - it must be hard for Miss Energy (and family!) to not be able to run around at will. Is she able to go for walks, at least, or are they on hold until she's better?