Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sea Glass

My favorite thing to do at the sea shore is to take long walks on the beach and collect glass and sea shells.  It's been many years since I've been to the shore so maybe that is why I am wishing I could go lately.  

Sometimes called "Mermaid Tears", I love the frosted look of the pieces and the colors are wonderful.  I'm definately in a sea glass phase so I decided to name my new quilt tops Sea Glass I, II, and hopefully soon, III.  I had talked about the blocks on a previous post.

Sea glass I
I started doing the Rear Window pattern (from Blue Underground Studios) for my goddaughter who requested a quilt in a robin's egg blue and/or green.  Then I realized I had enough blocks to make two lap quilts!  Yeh!  One for my cousin!!!  I looked at the leftover fabrics and yes--I think I have enough to make a third quilt (okay I know I do) and I don't feel like putting any fabric away.

Meanwhile, my friends Carol and Kathy are going to be working on special Christmas favors and gifts.  Kathy has been seriously ill for a long time with kidney problems and needs some kind of diversion and a craft is perfect.   We decided to play around and see how Krylon's Sea Glass spray paint looks on old jars and glass pieces.  It's fab!  Of course it helps that my husband is the King of the Spray Paint and can put a perfect finish on our project.  Having Brad do the paint means Kathy isn't exposed to fumes.  
 We like the results of the paint and will keep you posted on a crafting. 

 Meanwhile, we are having a wonderful visit with Sandra and Dennis.  We went to three different fabric stores yesterday.  Today we are going to tour a local cave and have a Mexican lunch at our local burrito bistro :)

I always find it interesting to go through a color phase.  I think I love these colors right now because they are calming and remind me of slow leisurely walks on the sand.  Our summer has been full of fun and activities but I think my color conscious is beckoning some days of sewing and restfulness when my husband goes back to work.  I hope you have a day of blues and greens and comfort!


Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I love these color combos, they are so soothing. I have never tried them but would like to. mary in Az

Allie-oops Designs said...

I adore the colors in your quilts, and the glass turned out so gorgeous! I can't wait to go looking on the beach in Florida....maybe I'll come home with some inspiration. Enjoy your visit with Sandra and Dennis, tell them hi from me!

Sandra :) said...

I saw that, Allie - consider your message passed on! We finally got to meet Brad the Ghost - until now I had only heard his voice, and saw one picture - and now we know he's real - he's a huggable teddy bear :) Dennis is getting along with him swimmingly so "the girls" have been leaving "the boys" alone while we go out to play :D Scout is totally adorable and a real livewire, and gives me kisses (I stick my face near her face and when she boops me I call it kisses - IT COUNTS!) :) Mickie is the Hostess with the Mostess and we're having a lovely visit - and I saw those jars in person - HA!!!!

Julierose said...

Lovely quilt--I made a "Sea Glass" scrappy quilt a while back--i haven't gone sea glass hunting in a long time...I like to go after Winter storms when all the stuff gets washed up and the crowds have gone...
I love that sea glass paint--looking forward to weeing what you do with those pretty containers...hugs Julierose

bookkm said...

This color combination is so soothing. I can hear the waves when I look at it. Thanks!