Saturday, July 1, 2017

O Canada: Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Warm wishes to our wonderful neighbor Canada! This year the Canadians are celebrating 150 years since the Canadian Confederation.  Wishing my friends up north a wonderful weekend and a happy holiday!  
Shout out to dear Sandra and Dennis!


Sandra :) said...

Shouting back ... politely, of course! We went to a Strawberry Festival to celebrate the big day ... had a great time, ate junk, brought home goodies for the neighbour kids, and got a bit too much sun :D We only stayed a couple of hours because it looked like the rain was going to start coming down. It waited until we got home - then it just sprinkled, lol. Judging by the clouds we thought it would be downpour, but Mother Nature had something else in mind :) Do you know - it didn't even occur to me to wear red t-shirts for the occasion - I'll make sure I'm on the ball next year :) So many people - and DOGS!!!! - were decked out in Canada and strawberry finery - it was great! The best sight of the festival, was a kids wagon being pulled by a very large and calm pitbull ... carrying ... TWO CHIHUAHUAS! The littlest one was dressed in a blue/pink tutu (LOL) and the bigger one was stark nekkid :D It was the cutest sight ever!

I have t-bone steaks in the fridge for the bbq, and will do roasted potatoes and steamed beans and carrots for supper. Not particularly Canadian, but definitely, particularly delicious ;)

Allie-oops Designs said...

I wish I could go downtown for the festivities here - Detroit and Windsor always do joint celebrations and it's amazing. Too many folks getting shot on the Detroit side, though, lol!