Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Premie Quilts...

Premie Palooza continues in my sewing room.  I love making these quilts and always think about Jana May while I am doing them.  Jana is my son's best friend.  They have been friends since they were infants.  Jana was born when her mom was only 7 months pregnant.  She fit in the palm of her Dad's hand.  Even at age 6 months, I was afraid to hold her because she was still smaller than Peter was when he was born!
My guild donates these to our local hospital.  It's a great scrapbuster as well.  I always buy at least a half yard of extra fabric when I am working on a project---and then I am surprised when there is a half yard left.  These pieces make great premie quilts and I am enjoying this project.  All I had to buy was thread and flannel.  I'm at a total of 45 at this point.   Here is what I finished this week:

I hope your day is wonderful!

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claudia said...

Those are so sweet! Ad how sweet of you to make all of them! How big are they?