Thursday, March 2, 2017

I Like #18!

Well it's the happy day of the week! We join LeeAnna at "Not Afraid of Color" and send some positive energy out to the internet!  Be sure to check out the other sites that participate in our cheerful day!

I have been doing a lot of binding these past months (always a good thing to get projects finished) and have found a product I love:
I have never liked thimbles.  I have tried a wide variety and never found one that I felt was comfortable.  It's rather ironic because my son and daughter-in-law travel a lot and always bring me a thimble from wherever they've been:
Thimble Pads are different--I don't find them constraining and I can sew with the kind of freedom that I want.  Plus I get a few days out of one pad which is also economical.  

I like vintage sewing things and have a fairly extensive collection--which began when I was a little girl. My great-grandmother and grandmothers were thrilled that at least one of the kids loved to sew and began giving things to me, often with a story.  Of course, I've added things I liked along the way.  I'm not big on clutter so I house things in cabinets or shadow boxes:
My mother wanted me to collect dolls when I was a kid and I have some packed away.  I prefer bisque dolls and collected them the last few years.  
Aren't these sweet?
There are 17 days until the first day of spring and it has been an unusual February, full of warm days and early bloomers:
And tomorrow we are expecting some snow........
What kinds of things do you like to collect?  
How has the weather been in your region?
Have a wonderful day of liking!


Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I love your collections! I don't collect anything except fabric.(hee hee). I don't like to dust all those things but need a dust free home so I try to keep things simple so I have more time to play. We are going to be 80 degrees today which is way too early so I hope it calms down soon. Love your post. mary in Az

LA Paylor said...

oh no snow for us all winter.
I love LOVE all your vintage items... those Kewpie style bisque girls are pawsome. I saw a wee silver poodle too. The doll holding two spools is adorable too.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your collections are fun! The thimble pads look useful - I should look for them around here. I have one very traditional metal thimble, but it's awkward to use, so I just get sore finger tips instead. (Especially after handquilting with perle cotton!)

Lucy said...

Your thimbles are very interesting. I collect coffee cups from all the places we have been on vacation. The flowers are blooming early and we can enjoy them. Not much snow this winter here in Ohio either.

Sandra :) said...

We only had patches left here and there, and it had rained enough that all the sludgey muddy hazey leftovers were gone - it was looking quite pretty! Until it snowed last night, and now everything is white, lol. Our forecast for this nmorning, with the windchill, was -18C - that's pretty cold - this weather is wild and wacky - from almost t-shirt weather all the way down to winter coat necessary! Oh well - spring WILL be here soon :)

I don't really collect anything - I used to, but the older I get, the less *things* I want to have surrounding me. I do love your little collection of bisque dolls though - so vintage and sweet - especially the little girl in the top row, far right - she looks like she's seen something naughty, LOL!

Unknown said...

Those crocuses are cheery! I like your vintage items. I always enjoy a good browse through an antique shop and it looks like you've collected some special things over the years!

claudia said...

I just noticed my crocuses last evening! I don't know how I missed them, I think they have been there a few days! (Yellow and White plants so far) When I went out to fill the water buckets for the horses today, I saw a spec of bright purple out of the corner of my eye...I went to inspect and it was a beautiful iris popping up! I didn't have any last year, I think our snow made it happen!

Allie-oops Designs said...

I LOVE those thimble pads, and use them all the time myself! I need to order more....your collection is just darling, love those little dolls. I don't collect much - never had the room, so now the new house is looking a little empty, lol. But that's ok, easier to clean!~!